During your session

Our professional massage therapist will guide you through a relaxing session where they assist in a series of passive stretches, similar to yogic stretching, and firm muscle compressions using their hands, forearms, elbows, knees and feet. Thai massage is typically more vigorous than other forms of massage as the strong application of pressure assists in loosening and relaxing the muscles. You may request light or medium pressure be applied if you find this style of massage to be too firm and your therapist will tailor the massage to meet your individual needs.    

The pressure point techniques and rhythmic movements of Thai massage have been developed over centuries to induce relaxation and restore physical and spiritual energy. The physical techniques utilised by our massage therapists make Thai massage more energising and effective at offering physical and mental rejuvenation than other forms of massage.

Thai massage is suitable for clients of any age and gender. You can wear loose clothing during your massage to assist in comfort and free movement or be partially clothed. Oils and creams can be used as recommended by the therapist or as requested by the customer.

To experience the long-lasting benefits of Thai massage we encourage booking regular sessions.

Who are we?

Sukhon Dornbusch is the owner and manager of Lanna Thai Massage. She has over ten years of experience as an owner and manager of Thai massage parlours in Melbourne and was trained at the Chiang Mai School of Traditional Thai Massage in Thailand. Over the years she has perfected the balance between providing her clients with mental and physical relaxation and prides herself on her professionalism.

Lanna Thai Massage only employs experienced professional Thai massage therapists who share our passion for sharing the health and well-being benefits that Thai massage provides our customers

To avoid delay and ensure your massage starts on time, please make a booking.

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